Wolfcreek Lures
Twisthead 2 pcs, 20g/0.7oz

Twisthead 2 pcs, 20g/0.7oz

50 SEK
Wolfcreek Lures Twisthead
The original screw-in weight, designed by Brunnberg Lures
2 pcs, 20g/0.7oz
Hand made

We are super excited to offer the original Twisthead screw-in weight, designed by our friend Martin at Brunnberg Lures.
Perfect weighting system for all soft baits and swim baits as head or extra belly weight.
These babies will even hold their grip to toss large, heavy rubber, like the Monster Shad.
We recommend the Twisthead screw-in weight to all sizes of Wolfcreek Lures Soft/Swim Baits.