Wolfcreek Lures
Wolfcreek Shad Jr, 1-pack/mix

Wolfcreek Shad Jr, 1-pack/mix

79 SEK
Wolfcreek Shad
Now available in single pack, pick and mix your own favorite colors.

Length: 19 cm, 7 inch
Weight: 51 g,  1.8 oz

Wolfcreek Shad Jr are the production series of the hand made original from Wolfcreek Lures. Great swimming action no matter how you choose to rig this lure. We recommend using the Wolfcreek Lures Twisthead screw-in weight together with a release harness. Or use a Shallow Screw for that super shallow water presentation. The Wolfcreek Shads is a great option for musky, northern pike and other predator species.